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At Aether Experience, we are dedicated to facilitating immediate and lasting transformations. Discover customized experiences that unlock your hidden potential and propel you towards the path you deserve.
Break free from old mindset and embrace fresh tools, perspectives, and choices.
If you're longing for substantial change, you've found your match.

Immediate outcomes

Our pledge to vibrant, customized workshops in small cohorts guarantees personalized assistance for achieving notable outcomes quickly. Join the multitude of satisfied clients who've undergone transformational experiences with us.



Free yourself from judgment and embrace a renewed perception of yourself and others, liberated from polarization. Aether Experience advocates a constructive approach to emotional mastery, nurturing authentic empathy, and embracing the freedom to express yourself beyond all intellectual conventions. Join us in rediscovering life without the shackles of prejudice.


Demand more,
from the outset

Our immersion process begins with courage, an act of faith in yourself.
It unlocks heightened ambition, boosting your confidence, choices, and accomplishments. The more you demand of yourself, the more extraordinary your achievements will be.



Delve into your true essence and harness your mind as a powerful resource.
With new tools, perspectives, unique postures, and revitalizing life choices, master your mind's potential.

Master my mind


Témoignage Abel

Everything goes much faster.
What I had planned to do in a few years can be done in a few weeks, or even a few months at most. My vision is clearer, more structured, simpler and my creativity rate is much higher, enabling me to achieve results much more quickly. Everything flows much more smoothly.

Témoignage Assia

It's a course that sets you on fire, that raises unconscious areas that you don't want to see. It's like a karcher in every area of your life. It enabled me to get rid of my fears and dare to assert myself.

Témoignage Sandrine

Following the Aether courses, my life took another turn. It challenged me and demanded constant vigilance. We're not going to lie to ourselves: we can no longer rest on our laurels, we become fully involved in our lives, we open up the fields of possibility. The freedom to create, to co-create with the universe, to liberate yourself on all levels, the chance to have incredibly effective tools. Not for everyone, but if you're ready to take your life to another level and you're determined, go for it.

Témoignage Christian

Immediate and main benefit of the course so far: completely reconciled with all my past, a global appeasement. Abuse, betrayal, abandonment, illness, grief, pain, shame, guilt, torment, sacrifice, all accumulated over more than 50 years, from family, friends, third parties and just me.
It's all there, just to enrich my life, but no longer at all to suffer from. I've achieved incredible peace of mind. As the past influences the present and therefore the future, having reconsidered the past, the present is much more pleasant. My awareness of the present moment is much sharper, and my priorities are healthier, more personal and much less distracted. In short, fewer fantasies, more concreteness, more simplicity and greater awareness.
I enjoy my life more and more.
I'm happier.

Témoignage Catherine

A week of unparalleled intensity. A week to deconstruct everything that wasn't yet allowing me to move at my own pace and truly meet myself. Since then, my business has taken a radical turn, transforming itself into a version totally aligned with my new vibration. My family relationships have transformed before my eyes for the better. The possibilities of extracting myself from the matrix have increased tenfold, as if everything has become clear and limpid. My gifts were revealed one after the other at lightning speed. I regained the power to embrace MY own path and evolve at my own pace, the one I didn't dare assume because it was much more dazzling than what I could see around me. Tachyon, Aether, Plasma, a perfect trio of phenomenal power to explode the limits of my mind and FINALLY assume my fulgurance.

Témoignage Magali

This workshop enabled me to reconnect with my being. I was finally able to get to the root of my programming and release it in a powerful way, then become truly aware of my multidimensional being. The course helped me to set up my goals in life. My realizations are ultra-fast. During my coaching sessions, the transformation for my clients is easily achieved just by talking to them. Their change is immediate, it's impressive! 

Témoignage Elodie

An indescribable experience!
I've never had such a confusing and powerful experience. The workshop leader, Paol, has an extremely precise and direct "eye" for our brakes. It's impossible to hide or keep lying to yourself!
In just a few days, I've made more progress than in several years of "personal development/therapy/coaching".
I'm leaving with a palette of simple, over-efficient tools to continue the "great cleansing" work after the course.

Témoignage Guillaume

Aether stood in my way at a time when I felt called to something greater, and it was the most beautiful synchronicity I could have had. This workshop enabled me to simply be reborn, to reconnect with my heart and my authenticity, and to become much more confident in just a few days. The experience is indescribable, so many realizations and tangible changes.
I recommend it to anyone who's stagnating on their path, who feels called to something greater, or who simply wants to move on to a higher version without wasting decades. Take this course because you're simply getting on the rocket with Paol.

Témoignage Carole

This series of courses was a big bang in my life. These courses propelled me forward and transformed my idea of myself. My fears were shattered, and I dared to be and do things that had blocked me before. A second birth, more awakened on a spiritual level and accelerated in terms of material realization. It came to restructure everything and put things in their right place. The synergy of these courses opens millions of doors on all dimensions. You understand so much from the inside. I've gained years on my personal journey. 

Témoignage Ingrid

With words it goes : Bim, Bam, Boum in your face!!!! As a result, for me, more clarity, more recognition of myself and how I function in relationships, what I choose and from what... This training really invited me to choose from the greatness that I am and to get away from the prevailing mediocrity... Paol's uncompromising, trashy but fundamentally honest approach really invites you to look straight at what you need to change. Careful, it spices up! But it's good.

Témoignage Lisa

The whole information flow and manifestation process makes more sense now. I like my life to be simpler because I have all the tools, autonomy and confidence to find all the solutions to solve any problem and reach any goal quickly. I spend less time thinking about life and trying to interpret it through mystical theories and concepts, and live life to the full, having fun exploring and playing with matter. Best of all, the exploration and personal expansion are limitless and never stop after the workshops.

Témoignage Sabina

Basically, I went there out of curiosity and to experiment. I came away from the experience with much more than I could have imagined. A big thank you to that psychopath Paol for helping me learn how to flip the switch and gain height in one fell swoop! When you see the bigger picture, everything becomes simpler. I've discovered the power of my imagination in my real life, my outlook has completely changed, I've made some big decisions, my behavior has changed too, and if, like me, you're suffocating in this mass of contradictory information, preconceived ideas and moralizing, I can tell you that it's detached me from it all. 

Témoignage Paola

There's a before and an after. Shifts, realizations and changes in matter that take place in just a few hours or days open up the field of possibilities in an incredible way. It changes everything! I'm very happy to have offered myself this experience.



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